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VaxBus to Return to MTRS!

The VaxBus will roll into Mohawk Trail Regional School on Thursday, February 3 from 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. For those who still need to schedule their COVID-19 vaccine or booster, please consider scheduling your appointment and visiting our convenient location.

January 14, 2022 - MTRSD S'Update

Please take a moment to read our January 14, 2022, MTRSD S'Update. Highlights include:

  • Important COVID-19 updates
  • Welcome principal Buckland to MTRS
  • Colrain to host open house for Heath families
  • District Winter Enrichment, February Hilltown Scout Camp openings
  • School Spotlights

December 22, 2021 - MTRSD S'Update

Please take a moment to read our December 22, 2021, MTRSD S'Update. Highlights include:

  • Reminders and Winter Break
  • COVID-19 Updates: No spectators for MTRS athletics.
  • VaxBus returns to BSE on December 23
  • MTRS Capstone students spearhead donation drive to benefit Shriners Children's Hospital.
  • Hands-on learning with Anatomy in Clay Learning "Manikens"
  • Simply PAW-some
  • Winter enrichment programs announced. Hilltown Scout Camp returns in February.,
  • School Spotlight

January 2022 Return to School

At this point in time, we intend to return to school as planned on Monday, January 3. As we have been doing since the beginning of the pandemic, we continue to track positive cases of COVID-19 amongst our entire staff and school community. We have no plan to preemptively close school at this time, however, if we are unable to adequately staff our school buildings due to staff absences, we may have to close schools. There is always a concern that we will simply not have enough staff to safely open our schools. If you are a substitute or have been considering becoming one, now is a great time to reach out to your building principal! As with any potential school closure, please listen for our all call or watch the local news outlets and social media streams and website.

Please continue to layer your mitigation strategies. The most important thing we can do is get vaccinated. In all our schools, we will continue to practice our fab five ... get vaccinated, wear your mask, stay six feet apart, wash your hands often, and stay home if you’re not feeling well! In addition to these strategies, we are distributing KN95 masks and providing rapid test kits to all staff. While the original distribution of kits was meant for Sunday, January 2, we are awaiting final notification of availability. These test kits are not intended as a universal screen of all staff and will not alter our plan to open school on Monday, January 3.

Please take a moment to read Superintendent Sheryl L. Stanton's complete letter regarding the January 3 return to school

December 17, 2021 - MTRSD S'Update

Please take a moment to read our December 17, 2021, MTRSD S'Update. Highlights include:

    • Superintendent Stanton's statement to School Committee from December 8, 2021
    • COVID-19 School Planning Task Force updates
    • US History class participates in wage negotiation simulation
    • MTRS visits to elementary schools
    • Fully Funded - Winter hiking equipment
    • Winter Enrichment programs announced; Hilltown Scout Camp returns in February
    • Talia Miller named Celia B. Godsil fellowship
    • School Spotlights

    Family Messaging/TikTok

    We are aware of the social media warnings on TikTok surrounding nationwide school shootings rumored to occur on December 17. These posts are being shared across the country, did not originate in our district, and to date, there is no information that these social media postings are directed toward any Mohawk Trail/Hawlemont Regional School District school. However, out of an abundance of caution, we are working closely with our law enforcement partners and understand that there is no credible threat to our district's schools. We will continue to work with local law enforcement and monitor this situation closely.

    This is a reminder to please discuss with your child/ren that threats made against a school are taken seriously and may be considered a felony. Individuals found responsible for these types of threats may face felony charges. Additionally, a felony can result in immediate exclusion from school, long term suspension, and expulsion.

    Additionally, we encourage our families to discuss the importance of proper online behavior with their child/ren and monitor online activity. Remind your child/ren that “if you see something, say something;” and alert a trusted adult if they see/hear of any potential suspicious behavior, threats, or harm.

    We will continue to work with our local law enforcement and District Attorney’s office and keep you informed of any updates surrounding this issue. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you for your partnership in helping to keep our school community safe.

    Please take a moment to read Superintendent Stanton's complete December 16, 2021, letter for more information.

    District Response to School Threats

    I want to begin by saying thank you to the students who brought forward their concerns on Monday afternoon, to the staff who have been supporting all our students over the past few days, to our school and central office administration who have worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of our entire school community, and to our state and local police for their presence and expertise in responding to and investigating this incident.

    We are doing absolutely everything possible to ensure the safety of our students and staff in response to the incident brought forward Monday. I want to acknowledge that, due to student confidentiality laws/regulations, I cannot share the level of detail that some families have requested.

    Please take a moment to read Superintendent Stanton's December 8, 2021, letter for more information.

    Christopher Buckland Named Next Principal at Mohawk Trail Regional School

    The Mohawk Trail Regional School District is pleased to announce Christopher Buckland, 47, of Florence, has been named the next principal of Mohawk Trail Regional School (MTRS), the area’s regional middle and high school serving grades 7–12. Buckland’s anticipated start date is early January 2022, pending contract negotiations.

    Buckland has served as the principal at Smith Academy in Hatfield since 2019. He joins the district’s leadership team after working as an administrator for the past 10 years. Prior to his time at Smith Academy, he worked at High School of Commerce in Springfield for four years holding the titles as the founding director of personalized pathways (two years) and career pathway coordinator and educator.

    For more information, we encourage you to read our press release in its entirety.

    Protect Young Eyes

    Please take some time to review our Protect Young Eyes video. This is a webinar for parents/guardians to ensure safety across all screens. Don't miss this opportunity!